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Santa Maria Grill 48″

Santa Maria Grill 48″

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Grille, floor base and side walls: 5 mm steel
Side walls: flint included
Width: 122cm (total 145cm including shuttlecock)
Depth: 61 cm (total 74 cm including handles)
Height: 90cm (total 105cm including shuttlecock)
Fireplace height: 30.5 cm
Weight: 212kg
Cooking surface 5,349 cm2 (2 pieces of 49.5 x 54 cm)
Finish: Charcoal colour
Flywheel colour: red
Case dimensions: 142x94x122 cm LxWxH
Case weight: 256 kg

Made with heavy-duty steel
Includes welded flange for finishing during installation
Single grill
Single door with safety handle. The door opens downwards
Air ventilation system with damper in the door
Refractory stones for the accumulation and optimal distribution of heat
Treated 3 times with 650 degree heat resistant paint
Heavy duty flywheel with holding handles.
1000 lbs stainless steel aircraft cable to adjust the height of V-grills
V-channel grates tilted forward to capture fats and juices in the drip tray to reduce burning
Removable collection tray
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Santa Maria Grills

Sunterra Outdoor offers the best Santa Maria style grills. The Santa Maria style is a culinary tradition now celebrated throughout the world by professional pit masters.

Santa Maria-style barbecue is a regional culinary tradition that has its roots in the Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara County on California's Central Coast. This method of barbecue dates back to the mid-19th century and is today considered a "pillar of California's culinary heritage."

A Santa Maria-style barbecue looks like this: a large piece of steak seasoned with black pepper, salt and garlic. Grilling over native oak coals, often called "red oak," is the hallmark of authentic Santa Maria barbecue. However, grilling with other types of wood or charcoal also produces excellent results that will make many barbecue lovers' mouths water.

Sunterra Outdoors

Sunterra Outdoor produces high-quality, durable wood-fired grills. All of these high-quality grills are made in America and are guaranteed for life. This means the warranty is lifetime!

Sunterra Outdoor products are designed to offer the best cooking performance. With a passion for grilling and preparing excellent dishes for all those who love authentic grilling.

The products we offer are divided into categories: Argentine Grills and Santa Maria Grills. These premium grills are a world apart from the mass-produced grills found in hardware stores.

Sunterra outdoor grills are available in Italy exclusively at Fuoco BBQ Shop.

Sunterra Outdoor has worked closely with Bobby Fame of the BBQ Pit Boys to develop high-quality, durable Santa Maria and Argentine grills.

Heavy-duty grills are constructed of various combinations of heavy sheet steel and equipped with options to provide the best possible performance.
Sunterra Outdoor Cooking Equipment was developed with one thought in mind: to exceed the highest quality standards by producing quality cooking equipment.