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Round Shichirin starter set

Round Shichirin starter set

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This set has everything you need to start grilling on the Shichirin.

Note: the book is in English

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Shichirin by YAKINIKU®

Are you ready to bring people together and grill easily on a traditional Japanese grill? Discover our Shichirin. We have both round and rectangular Shichirin!

"Strengthen the people", the motto of the Japanese. Bringing people together with food and simply grilling on a traditional Japanese grill. A beautiful summer evening with family and friends together. The table fills with good food and then it's time to grill. A delicious evening program where your guests can enjoy a konro grill. A Shichirin is a compact and versatile tabletop grill that you can easily carry with you or move at any time. With this grill, we can enjoy and create intimacy on and around the dining table.

The special feature of the barbecue with the Shichirin is the cozy sitting together around the fire. Comparable to gourmets, delicious food is presented on the table in small portions. You will search in vain for the master of the grid in charge. When using a Japanese barbecue, friends and family take a seat around the grill. Everyone prepares their own food to taste on the Japanese konro grill.

The Shichirin tabletop bbq is made of ceramic with quartz, cordierite and fired at high temperature. This makes this Shichirin a real center of power. The Japanese konro grill is easy to clean thanks to the enamelled exterior. The appliance can only be used outdoors with briquettes, self-igniting briquettes or charcoal. The Japanese use binchotan coal, the black gold of Japan, which allows extremely high temperatures to be reached. A true Japanese tabletop grill reaches a temperature of over 900 degrees.

Are you ready to grill real Japanese on the Shichirin bbq? YAKINIKU has both a round and rectangular Shichirin.

Japanese grill | History
The influence of Japan is an integral part of our post-war gastronomic history. The YAKINIKU Shichirin is also inspired by Japan. But what is Japan? Time after time, Japan confirms its status as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Japan is a high culture. For more than 2500 years an empire with a central government and a central organization. Furthermore, Japan has closed itself off to the outside world for centuries. He then created a world of his own. Japan is a country in stark contrast to us. People in today's Japan find the focus and dedication to spend 20 years or more specializing in something. There is the possibility of perfecting oneself, of becoming a shokunin. And that's what we at YAKINIKU usually admire so much about Japan.

We know the Shichirin tabletop barbecue from the history of the Edo period of Japan in 1603. Shichirin is a compound word that simply means "7 wheels" or "7 rings". It has to do with the fact that during the Edo period, rin (from the end of the word Shichirin) was a currency. During this time, these konro grills became very popular and were used daily as kitchen appliances. At first, the use of this grill was reserved for samurai, people of the nobility and wealthier citizens. Later, this changed and the Japanese grid was used by all sectors of society. The versatile Japanese charcoal grill was widely used in festive occasions such as outdoor folk festivals, even in cold weather. A classic Japanese autumn dish is Pacific Jackfish, for example. But the Japanese table grill is also used to this day in tea ceremonies, which are very popular in Japan.

In the past, most Japanese grills were made of river clay. Today, the composition is slightly more complex. A Shichirin bbq must be more and more of a powerhouse nowadays. For this reason, the konro grill is made of ceramic, quartz and cordierite. This composition is cooked at a very high temperature. After this, it becomes a complete kitchen in one and virtually indestructible. The Japanese barbecue has an enamel layer and is therefore easy to maintain. By adjusting the ventilation guides, perfect air circulation is created. The Japanese charcoal grill is also perfect for use in winter. The glazed ceramic also protects from rain and snow and is perfectly weatherproof. Please note that the konro grill is open at the top. So, for use in rainy times and winter weather, it is wise to do it under a roof in the garden.

Inspired by the story of Shichirin? See the round and rectangular Japanese grill here.