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OFYR XL Grill Accessories Set PRO

OFYR XL Grill Accessories Set PRO

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The OFYR XL Grill Accessory Set PRO adds additional versatility to your OFYR unit when cooking at an event. This set includes several accessories: the Grill Round XL, the Horizontal Skewers Ring XL, the Brazilian Grill Ring XL, the 105 skewers and the Snuffer XL. With this set, you can apply different cooking techniques, from normal grilling to Brazilian-style grilling. The set turns any event into a spectacle!

• Suitable for OFYR XL.
• Take your grilling to the next level with the Brazilian ring and skewers. Ideal for
slow cooked ingredients.
• Use the horizontal skewer ring with the 3 skewers to quickly cook meat on the
• The Grill Round is ideal for grilling large pieces of meat and vegetables.
• With the Snuffer, ash residues are easily extinguished.

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