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OFYR Staub stackable pan set

OFYR Staub stackable pan set

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The OFYR Staub Stackable Frying Pan Set consists of a low saucepan, a high saucepan and a lid, and is the perfect addition to a fabulous outdoor cooking experience. Cast iron easily absorbs heat from an open fire, and then redistributes it evenly throughout the pan. The ingredients will therefore be even tastier when the lid is used: the consistencies that settle on it will create a shower of aroma that will continuously pour onto the food.

• Only suitable for OFYR cooking units.
• Suitable for use on the hob, pizza oven and grill.
• The black enamel on the outside is durable, and features both the OFYR and Staub logos.
• For easy storage, you can stack the pans on top of each other.
• The pans cannot be placed in the dishwasher, and therefore must all be washed by hand.
• Use gloves to lift hot pans and their lids.

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