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OFYR Gisha Casserole Set (2 Pans)

OFYR Gisha Casserole Set (2 Pans)

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The OFYR cast iron saucepan set consists of 2 pans with a diameter of 21 cm and 26 cm. The pans are specially designed for use on the OFYR cooking plate and have excellent heat distribution. This makes them perfect for cooking all types of dishes. Since the lid knob and the pan itself can become very hot, we recommend using gloves when handling pans.

• Only suitable for OFYR cooking units.
• Can be used on the hob, grills and pizza oven.
• Pans and lids are made of cast iron. Not dishwasher safe. Clean the pans with a little soap, dry them well and then grease them to protect them.
• Use gloves when lifting hot pans and lids.

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