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OFYR Set of 4 Chopping Boards

OFYR Set of 4 Chopping Boards

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The set includes 4 high-quality OFYR cutting boards. They represent the surface
perfect for preparing food, before or during a night spent cooking outdoors. The cutting boards have an antibacterial protection layer which makes them more hygienic and safe to use for food preparation. Along with the set, a handy stand is provided for easy storage or display in the kitchen (and outdoors).

• Includes a stand to be able to place it on the table.
• An antibacterial layer of protection makes cutting boards more hygienic, easier to clean and more
safe for food preparation.
• Cutting boards should be cleaned by hand after each use.
• They should be stored in a well-ventilated place after use (just avoid drawers and cupboards).
• Also suitable for use as serving plates.

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