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OFYR Buffadoo Set Brown

OFYR Buffadoo Set Brown

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The Buffadoo OFYR Set consists of a nice fire blower and a sturdy tongs/poker with matching base. The fire blower has a leather handle and a silicone mouthpiece, with which you can blow oxygen into the OFYR. This makes the fire start faster and largely prevents the formation of smoke. With the tongs/poker it is easy to add new wood to the fire when it is already burning well. Available in brown and black painted steel with brown and black leather handles.

• When you light a fire there is always smoke, but with the Buffadoo the development of smoke can be significantly reduced.
• Thanks to the Buffadoo's patented technology you will not inhale any smoke.
• With the convenient tongs/poker you can control the fire.
• When not in use, clean the set and store it indoors.

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