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OFYR Coconut Briquettes 6X 2KG

OFYR Coconut Briquettes 6X 2KG

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OFYR coconut briquettes are ideal for the OFYR Tabl'O. They are exceptional
efficient: they emit a lot of heat, have a long burning time and produce smoke, odor and residues. The compact briquettes are 100% sustainable and made from coconut waste. Available in boxes of 6 bags of 2 kg..

• To be used with OFYR Tabl'O.
• 1 box contains 36 briquettes, which can be used for 2 cooking sessions.
• Coconut briquettes are sustainable: apart from the slight smoke production at the moment
after lighting Tabl'O, the briquettes do not spread any more smoke. Furthermore, they do not produce
• For use outdoors or in very well-ventilated rooms only.

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