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OFYR 100 Grill Accessories Set

OFYR 100 Grill Accessories Set

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Live a spectacular culinary experience with the OFYR grill accessory set ! This set contains 3 different accessories: the Grill Round with grill holder, the Horizontal Skewers Ring and the skewers. These allow you to cook meat and vegetables right over the heat, giving the ingredients a delicious smoky flavor. The accessories can be easily combined, but you can also use the grill alone to grill your favorite foods.

• Available for OFYR 85, 100 and XL models.
• This set combines favorite accessories from the OFYR collection.
• Use the skewer ring and skewers to quickly cook ingredients.
• Notches in the skewer ring hold the skewers securely and allow controlled rotation of the skewers.

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