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OFYR Horizontal Skewers Set 100

OFYR Horizontal Skewers Set 100

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True barbecue enthusiasts will go crazy for this OFYR horizontal skewer set. The set consists of a raised stand and a ring with notches for the 3 steel skewers. The raised stand and notched ring are high enough to perfectly cook meat and vegetables on the OFYR's heat. Available for OFYR 100 and XL models.

• For true lovers of cooking over a fire to add a delicious smoky flavor to ingredients.
• Since this set is placed directly on the stove, the ingredients cook
• Thanks to the notches in the ring, the skewers stay in place and can be turned in a controlled manner.
• It is recommended to use 2 skewers for very large pieces of meat and vegetables, to maintain stable positioning on the heat.

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