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Argentine Grill 48″ Side Brasero Cart

Argentine Grill 48″ Side Brasero Cart

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Split system 70/30 - 70% grill 91 cm 30% Brasero/heater 31 cm (total 122 cm)
Thickness of the grill, bottom and side walls: 5 mm
Width: 122cm (total 145cm including shuttlecock)
Depth: 61 cm (total 74 cm including handles)
Height: 153cm (total 168cm including shuttlecock)
Fireplace height: 30.5 cm
Weight: 257kg
Cooking surface: 3,707 cm2 (75×49.5 cm)
Finish: satin black
Flywheel finish: red
Case dimensions: 142x94x122 cm LxWxH
Case weight: 301 kg

Refractory bricks on floor and walls
Large single grill with collection tray
The single grill system includes 2 removable V-shaped grills
Lateral brasero/charcoal pit
Made of heavy-duty steel
Includes a welded firebox
Double swing door
Treated 3 times with 1200 degree heat resistant paint
Heavy duty flywheel with safety handles
1000 lbs stainless steel aircraft cable to move the grill up and down
V-channel grates vent to the front of the grill to trap fats and juices in the drip pan and reduce burning.
Air damping/control system in the door with safety handles.
Suitable for wood and charcoal
Fire poker
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Argentine grill

Fuoco BBQ Shop is proud to present Sunterra Outdoor, the Argentine style of barbecue in Italy. A culinary tradition born in Argentina and admired by barbecue masters from all over the world. This Argentinian style of grilling allows the pitmaster to precisely control the heat of the hot coals.

In addition to charcoal, you can use a firewood such as beech, oak, hickory, apple or cherry to get an authentic smoky flavor. When you combine the incredible power of the Argentine cooking style, the end result is a truly masterful dish.

Made in North America, Argentinian grills are durable. They are constructed of 5mm thick steel and a combination of insulated side walls and firebricks. The design offers a new standard in construction and thermal performance. This ensures a lifetime of worry-free grilling.

The ceramic bricks ensure that the heat from the wood/coal is well distributed and retained. Light the fire in the Coal Maker and, as the coals fall onto the bricks, spread the hot coals under the V-shaped grates. Use the flywheel to raise and lower the grates in one fluid motion to cook food with perfect control.

Sunterra outdoor grills are designed for grill masters who demand the best from their equipment and want to grill with a real wood fire and perfect heat control.

Sunterra Outdoors

Sunterra Outdoor produces high-quality, durable wood-fired grills. All of these high-quality grills are made in America and are guaranteed for life. This means the warranty is lifetime!

Sunterra Outdoor products are designed to offer the best cooking performance. With a passion for grilling and preparing excellent dishes for all those who love authentic grilling.

The products we offer are divided into categories: Argentine Grills and Santa Maria Grills. These premium grills are a world apart from the mass-produced grills found in hardware stores.

Sunterra outdoor grills are available in Italy exclusively at Fuoco BBQ Shop.

Sunterra Outdoor has worked closely with Bobby Fame of the BBQ Pit Boys to develop high-quality, durable Santa Maria and Argentine grills.

Heavy-duty grills are constructed of various combinations of heavy sheet steel and equipped with options to provide the best possible performance.
Sunterra Outdoor Cooking Equipment was developed with one thought in mind: to exceed the highest quality standards by producing quality cooking equipment.