The Bastard

There are two things you absolutely need to know about The Bastard. One: they're Dutch and two: they're obsessed with outdoor cooking. The Bastard was born out of a love for authentic flavors and Dutch design. The Bastard is committed to providing the best materials. Now it's time to create exceptional grilling moments!

Pure Dutch design

An ancient barbecue cooking method, perfected by the Dutch. The Bastard, with its "Pure Dutch Design", is the pride of the Netherlands. A kamado must not only look good, but must be efficient and functional. This was the main goal this was the main goal of The Bastard. It does what it has to do and that's the best it can get.

High quality ceramic

Only the best materials are used for Il Bastardo. It is made of special ceramic cordierite, so it is 100% resistant to high temperatures. The internal ceramic insulator insulator regulates the temperature in The Bastard

An unprecedented taste experience

Grilling, baking, smoking and braising: with The Bastard you can do it all. Grill whatever you want and create fantastic and delicious dishes in an instant. The Bastard is the most versatile barbecue on the market. And, just as importantly, The Bastard is a trusted companion that loves to surprise and provide delicious recipes and support for the tastiest creations.

Limited lifetime warranty

The Bastard and its components are covered by a lifetime product warranty. Further information is available on their website.

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The Bastard VX

The Bastard VX

Every culinary adventure begins with a recipe, and even the best recipes are subject to change. The Bastard VX is the start of something new, the start of a new creation. This is the philosophy of The Bastard. Take something good, try to improve it, challenge yourself and make it even better.

The Bastard VX

The Bastard Urban Models