Caveman style grilling

Caveman grilling is an ancient cooking method in which food is prepared directly over hot coals, without the use of modern cooking tools such as grills or pans. The goal is to create a crispy crust, keeping the medium-rare food inside, and all of this adds a unique flavor to the dish. Below you can read the process and we will tell you what materials are needed for a caveman style barbecue.

Make sure you have good protection so you don't burn your hands.


1. Glowing Coal: start by lighting the barbecue. Let the coals burn until they glow with intense heat. No flames should be seen, only hot, glowing coals.
2. Thinly sliced ​​food: Select the food you want to cook. Thin slices of meat are best for caveman-style grilling. The most common choices are steaks, lamb chops, salmon fillets or vegetables such as pumpkin, leeks or even pineapple.
3. Salt and pepper: Season thin slices of food with freshly ground black pepper and coarse sea salt. This increases the flavor and crunchiness of the crust.

How to make caveman BBQ:

1. Kamado BBQ: The Kamado is the most ideal barbecue for caveman style grilling. This is thanks to its ability to reach high temperatures and maintain them for a long time. Make sure the Kamado reaches a high temperature before starting cooking.
2. Accessories: Make sure you have the right accessories on hand, such as barbecue tongs and heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands while cooking.
3. Spices: In addition to salt and pepper, you can choose to season your food with other spices or marinades of your choice. Marinating is optional, but it can further enhance the flavor of the dish and keep it juicier.
4. Clean the coals: Use tongs or a shovel to remove any ash or dirt from the coals so you have a clean charcoal base.
5. Food on the coals: place thin slices of seasoned food directly on the hot coals. This is where the caveman style grilling begins. You place the food without grids or accessories. This way the food comes into direct contact with the coals.

6. High heat and short grilling: Due to direct contact with hot coals, food cooks quickly. It is essential to pay constant attention to the grilling process. Turn the food so that both sides cook evenly. The exact grilling time can vary depending on the temperature of the coals and the thickness of the food, but you usually want a short cooking time to get a crispy crust and medium-rare interior for a caveman-style barbecue.
7. Rest: After the food has reached the desired doneness, remove it from the grill and let it rest on a clean surface for a few minutes. This helps redistribute the juices of the food and achieve a juicier end result.
8. Serve: Serve the grilled food with side dishes of your choice. The simple preparation method of caveman grilling means that the flavor of the grilled food comes first, so your choice of sides can range from a simple salad to roasted vegetables.
9. Eat with gusto: Enjoy your homemade caveman-style barbecue dish. The flavor of the hot coals and crispy crust combined with the juicy interior of the food is truly a culinary adventure.

Caveman barbecues are all about simplicity and the direct connection between fire and food. It's a cooking method that takes a little practice to get the desired results, but it's worth it for barbecue and outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Have fun and eat well!