Why a Kamado barbecue


Are you looking for a new barbecue or grill? You are likely to come across numerous different types as you search for information. We like to show you the differences between the very popular kamado barbecues and traditional charcoal barbecues. We analyze aspects such as price, quality, versatility, durability and more. Are kamado grills really worth the higher price? You can read it below!

The charcoal barbecue

The name says it all: the charcoal barbecue or charcoal barbecue is a barbecue or grill that uses charcoal as fuel. It requires a little more effort than a gas grill (gas barbecue) to start the cooking process, manage the temperature and then clean up, but it rewards you with meat with an incomparable smoky flavor that you can't get by cooking gas or electricity. Additionally, a standard charcoal grill is very economical to purchase.

A charcoal grill is ideal for those who enjoy the entire cooking process, not just the food. It is suitable for the kind of person who loves to cook delicious burgers with friends in the garden over hot coals. The charcoal barbecue is available in various forms, including tabletop barbecues, barbecues with a lid (projectile barbecue) and without a lid (column barbecue). And then there is also the increasingly popular kamado, which is another charcoal barbecue....

The Kamado

The kamado grill is a cooking appliance that originated in ancient China approximately 3,000 years ago. However, only in the Kofun period, between 300 and 538, was it given the name Kamado, after this clay oven was exported from China to Japan. Today a kamado is mostly made of ceramic and can be heated to much higher temperatures than its Western counterpart, the "normal" charcoal barbecue we talked about above.

Heat from the coals above or below is trapped inside by the walls of the oven-like grill, creating an incredibly hot cooking environment that locks in juices and flavors. This means you can sear meat at high temperatures without drying it out or burning it; Furthermore, it allows you to cook foods slowly and for a long time to break down the toughest connective tissues without losing too much moisture. Cooking on a kamado grill gives foods an amazing flavor profile, so much so that it is considered grill 2.0. But it has a price to pay....

The differences between a kamado and a charcoal barbecue

But what exactly are the differences between a kamado and a charcoal barbecue? As you have already read above, this question is a bit contradictory: a kamado grill or kamado bbq is in fact a charcoal barbecue, but with a particular shape. So this article is a bit like explaining the difference between an apple and a fruit - yet "what is the difference between a kamado and a regular barbecue" is a common question on Google. This is precisely why we wrote this article to explain to you why the kamado is so popular nowadays and is the main choice of true grill lovers.

1. Ceramic kamado grills retain heat better than
traditional charcoal grills

One of the best features of a kamado grill is that it cooks so evenly. The ceramic "pot" inside, also known as the hearth, ensures even heating because it is able to retain heat for an incredibly long time! This means you always get perfect, juicy results. In fact, since ceramics was invented, no kiln has been able to beat it!

Ceramic's unique ability to retain heat well is what makes a kamado grill so special compared to a grill with a steel exterior. This allows the coals to stay lit and maintain the temperature longer than any other type of grill. This is precisely why kamado grills and Big Green Eggs are often used for longer grilling sessions, for example when a piece of meat is slow cooked for many hours. With a standard charcoal grill, this process is much more difficult.

2. The temperature range of a kamado is higher than that of a traditional charcoal barbecue.

In a high-quality kamado, such as the Yakiniku kamado, the charcoal can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees, or even 1,000 degrees Celsius if special Binchotan charcoal is used. The kamado grill design allows grilling enthusiasts to maintain a consistent temperature for longer periods of time with much less use of charcoal.

In fact, a kamado grill is designed specifically for high-temperature cooking, meaning the heat can reach incredibly high temperatures. The walls of the oven-like grill create an incredibly hot cooking environment that locks in juices and flavors.
Furthermore, a kamado grill heats up faster than a normal barbecue, again thanks to the ceramic used. This ceramic allows practically no heat dispersion, which instead happens when using a normal charcoal barbecue.

3. A kamado is more versatile than a traditional charcoal barbecue

Thought you could only cook burgers, ribs and steaks on a kamado? Then you are wrong! As mentioned, most kamado grills today have heavy refractory ceramic, industrially designed for maximum durability and insulation. Many regular barbecues are made of thin metals that cannot stay hot in cold or windy weather; this is not the case with kamado grills. This unique feature makes a kamado incredibly versatile.

The heavy ceramic material absorbs and radiates heat evenly to the food, which is why they also make great pizza or bread ovens, similar to a professional brick oven. For this reason, many people use the kamado for numerous purposes, including cooking cakes, pizzas, and anything else you want. In practice, it is a high quality oven, but in which you can play with embers and fire! For example, you can add a dividing wall to create two separate cooking zones for a true two-zone setup. With various accessories and configurations, a kamado grill can cook, roast, smoke, sear, sauté, grill and much more.

4. A kamado grill requires relatively little charcoal and is more efficient than a traditional charcoal grill.

Another direct benefit of the heavy ceramic construction is the fuel efficiency of the kamado grill. Because the thick sides retain heat so well, very little charcoal and oxygen is needed to fuel the fire – perfect for long, slow cookouts or die-hard grill-meisters who play with their kamado all through the cold winter (and absolutely have reason!). Silencers used to control the inlet and outlet create a flow of air that produces a constant flame. When the lid is closed, temperatures remain extremely constant, making the kamado an excellent choice for smoking ribs, brisket or pulled pork at low, slow and steady temperatures.

5. A kamado grill is more expensive than a traditional charcoal grill

No, sorry guys. If you thought this was just going to be an article about the benefits of kamado grills, we have to disappoint you a little. There is one disadvantage of a kamado compared to a traditional charcoal grill. While you can buy a standard metal charcoal grill for a few dozen euros, for a good kamado you will always pay at least a few hundred euros, with larger, higher quality ones costing even more than 1,000 euros less (like the The Bastard Classic Medium with base).

So a kamado is much more expensive than an old-fashioned charcoal barbecue, but it's actually more expensive in the same way that a Ferrari is more expensive than a Fiat. Yes, you pay a lot more, but you also get a lot more. High-end kamado grills are made with a large amount of refractory ceramic, making them heavy, but also expensive, high-quality, and versatile.

However, this does not mean that you cannot buy a cheaper kamado, but this one has a "but". In fact, the cheapest kamado grills are usually not made of ceramic. Instead, you will find them in porcelain, steel or a combination of both. If you regularly lean on your kamado, you will immediately notice the difference between these materials. If you really want to get the most out of your investment, ceramic is undoubtedly the best choice for a high-quality kamado grill.

Conclusion: do you choose a kamado? Then you are investing in quality!

Kamado grills are more efficient, versatile and durable than a traditional charcoal grill. They can be used in many ways to prepare the perfect piece of meat for your family or party guests. Plus, they can be used to make many different dishes! If you want a better way to barbecue outdoors, we suggest investing in a kamado grill today. Take a look at our Yakiniku grills, undoubtedly the best kamados around!